Manuscript Editing Services

Manuscript M.D. offers proofreading, copyediting, and substantive editing services to physicians and scientists who wish to publish their manuscripts in peer-reviewed biomedical journals. Our medical editing services and scientific editing services also include formatting according to the journal’s Instructions to Authors and a review of the manuscript’s content (pre-peer review). Authors who are non-native-English speakers find our “English as a Second Language (ESL)” editing skills particularly helpful.

Scope of medical & scientific editing services

In addition to journal articles, we can assist you in preparing abstracts, books, CME materials, text for posters and oral presentations, grant proposals, web page content, and other biomedical documents.

Included in the price of manuscript preparation:

  • Proofreading & copy editing: We will correct spelling, capitalization, grammar, and punctuation; ensure consistency of style and tense; revise inaccurate terms; and remove any unnecessary “jargon.”
  • Substantive editing: We will improve the readability of your manuscript by reorganizing material as needed. This may involve the rewriting of sentences and/or paragraphs to improve the clarity, logic, and flow. We also will eliminate wordiness and check for use of appropriate voice and style.
  • Formatting for journal: When applicable, we will format the abstract, text, tables, figure legends, and references according to the journal’s Instructions to Authors or the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals (ICMJE Recommendations).
  • Critique: We will review the manuscript’s content for medical/scientific accuracy, currency, and consistency with the journal’s stated goals. In essence, this critique will serve as a pre-peer review.
  • Letter to Author(s): With your revised manuscript, you will receive a letter describing important changes and any related queries (questions). This letter also may include suggestions for content-related changes, such as the inclusion of other data or references.

Related Services: (Separate fee)

  • Cover letter to the journal’s Editor-in-Chief
  • Assistance with letter of response (rebuttal letter) to comments made by reviewers and/or journal editor
  • Manuscript preparation, second or subsequent review (We can re-edit all or portions of a manuscript previously revised by us after you have made your changes.)
  • Manuscript preparation based on reviewer/journal editor comments (We can assist you in interpreting comments and in making changes to your manuscript suggested by reviewers and/or the journal editor.)

Free estimates or service request

To submit your manuscript for free price and time estimates and/or to order services, visit our Prices & Quotes page. Alternatively, you can just Contact us and describe your editing needs. We assure you that the content of all documents is treated as confidential information.

Service Details

Manuscripts are edited using the Microsoft (MS) Word feature Track Changes. Therefore, authors should send manuscripts to us as a MS Word file attached to an email message. Author queries and important changes to the manuscript are addressed in a separate letter to the authors (MS Word file). All revised files are returned by email.

Standard service is completed in 5-7 business days for most documents. For an extra fee (see Prices & Quotes), we offer a 48-hour rush service for documents less than ten 250-word pages.

Payment is due within 20 days of work completion and may be made via PayPal (use your credit card), MoneyGram, Western Union, money order, cashier’s check, check drawn on U.S. funds, or bank wire transfer.

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