Prices and Quotes

Hourly rates

The cost for all editing (proofreading, copyediting, and substantive editing) and formatting of the manuscript according to the journal’s Instructions to Authors is based on a rate of $70 (US dollars) per hour for standard service (5-7 business days) and $90 per hour for rush service (48 hours).

To obtain free estimates and/or to order our editing services

To obtain free price and time estimates, please email us your manuscript  (saved as a Microsoft Word file). Also, please include the following information:

  • your name
  • preferred email address
  • name of journal for manuscript submission
  • desired service(s): See Manuscript Editing Services
  • time frame for service: standard (5-7 business days) or rush (48 hours)
  • preferred form of payment: See choices below

We will send you a price estimate and time estimate by the end of our next business day. If you find the terms acceptable, Contact us and we will begin work on your manuscript. However, submitting your manuscript for free estimates places you under no obligation to use our services and all manuscripts are treated as confidential information.

If you choose to order our services, we will return your revised manuscript within 5-7 days for standard service or 48 hours for rush service. An invoice and a letter to the author(s) will accompany each revised manuscript.

Payment is due by 20 days after return of your revised manuscript and may be made via PayPal (use your credit card), MoneyGram, Western Union, money order, cashier’s check, check drawn on U.S. funds, or wire transfer (client pays transfer fee).




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